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August, 2001 - Tenth month of operation
July, 2001 - Ninth month of operation
June, 2001 - Eighth month of operation
May, 2001 - Seventh month of operation
April, 2001 - Sixth month of operation
March, 2001 - Fifth month of operation
February, 2001 - Fourth month of operation
January, 2001 - Third month of operation
December, 2000 - Second month of operation
November, 2000 - Tank setup and first month of operation

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Current Tank Log

September 1st, 2001 / Saturday / 4:00 PM

Crazy week. I restructured my live rock, purchased some more live rock, sold off all my LPS corals to make room for the ever-growing SPS, and received three new orders:

From Ron Coleman / Phil McGrew (Phil sold off his colonies to Ron to take of crocodilians for a while):
  • Phil's pink A. cytherea
  • Phil's A. selago
  • Phil's blue stag - looks bright turquoise
  • Phil's A. aspera
  • Phil's neon green A. chesterfieldensis
  • Phil's A. pulchra - thin purple stag
  • Phil's M. verrucosa
  • Ron's A. horrida from Fiji - white base with purple tips and green polyps
  • Ron's A. rudis - purple with blue polyps
  • Ron's A. samoensis
  • Ron's A. sarmentosa from Fiji - yellow branches with reddish-pink tips
  • Ron's A. latistella - pink with blue
  • Ron's A. cerealis - tri-color purple tips with turquoise/green polyps
  • Ron's A. abrolhensis
  • Ron's A. valida
  • Ron's A. nasuta
From Steve Tyree:
  • A. tortuosa Blue Purple limited edition true Robert Becker tortuosa from Solomons
  • Acropora sp. Super Blue Staghorn limited edition - Exotic Bali Staghorn with Unique Blue Coloration
  • Rare red M. capricornis from Piece of the Reef
  • 3" T. maxima - ultra blue - my first clam
From The Marine Center:
  • 3" Pseudanthias squamipinnis (Male) - Lyretail anthias
  • 3" Pseudanthias squamipinnis (Female) - Lyretail anthias

September 9th, 2001 / Saturday / 10:00 AM

Went to a new local store called Aquatic Reflections. One of the best reefer experiences! Robert has tons of imported coral heads and frags that are both colorful and rare. It is amazing to see them all just sitting there. My wallet could only support the following purchase:
  • Cultured A. lovelli - very nice teal
  • Cultured A. abrolhensis - nice piece
  • Cultured A. tortuosa - bright blue
  • Cultured dark blue Acropora, with bright green throughout its base
  • Cultured A. microphthalma - electric dark green polyps
  • Cultured 2.5" T. crocea, ultra turquoise

September 11th, 2001 / Tuesday / 10:00 AM

Received shipment from Tim Allen Herman, therman on the boards ( and He is taking down his tank temporarily so I got:
  • Blue-green Acropora with purple tips - one of his three nicest Acros
  • Montipora confusa - green with pink edge and purple polyps - his nicest Montipora
  • Montipora sp. - encrusting purple skeleton with green polyps

September 28th, 2001 / Friday / 10:00 AM

Received some frags from Garf and I got Garfed (small frags).
  • Turquoise A. abrolhensis
  • Purple bonsai (A. nana?)
  • Another form of purple bonsai (A. nana?) - not as good as the other one
  • Mike Paletta Acropora - very nice
  • Lime green A. millepora
  • Tan A. millepora (sold as yellow with pink tips?)
  • Acropora blue/green with pink tips and long blue hair - very nice
  • Yellow encrusting Montipora spp.

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